EtsyInspired Challenge is now CLOSED

>> Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hi friends! It's Ashley here to write the post this week. This is a very bittersweet one for me because I've decided that this will be the LAST EtsyInspired Challenge. EtsyInspired is probably the most labor intensive challenge to run because we have to coordinate both shops and sponsor. It's come to a point where we think we've gone as far as we can go with the challenge and though there will always be fabulous handmade inspiration on Etsy, we have faith that you can find it on your own now.

This has been an AMAZING journey for me! I started the challenge WAY back on Sept 9, 2008. We started with myself and three DT members. And it slowly grew into this beautiful creature of art inspiring art and I became known as "The EtsyInspired Girl." EtsyInspired is truly like one of my babies, I've nurtured it and watched it grow. I've made giant leaps and huge mistakes. And I poured my heart into in. Every single person who has ever played this challenge is so very dear to me. I appreciate that you have taken the time out of your life to come let the shops we've chosen inspire you. EtsyInspired was a dream come true for me on so many levels and I thank all my DT members, Etsy shops, sponsors, and players for coming with me on this journey.

You might think that it's silly to let this dream go now that I've achieved it and that might be true. However, I HAVE to tell you that I could NOT run this challenge without my Coordinator De Swanick who is literally like my right hand. She is the organized to my chaos and the calm to my crazy. Both De and I have come to times in our lives where we really need to focus elsewhere and like I said, EtsyInspired might be the hardest challenge to run. And I don't think it would be fair to ask anyone else to bear our burden. So, we have decided it's time for the challenge to end and we know that if you ever lack inspiration, you'll know where to turn. So, for one last time, let's go be EtsyInspired.  

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>> Friday, July 1, 2011

Thank you ALL for playing along with our last challenge! We'll miss you all so very much and really appreciate all the support we've gotten along the way! Because this is our last challenge, I've brought Random.Brady out of retirement for one last draw!

The winner of our prize from Home and Weddings is #10 Stacie! Congrats!
And the winner of the grab bag is #6 Dawn Lancaster!
Thanks everyone!


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